Stables started its activities in May, 2013. They are situated in restored old mansion barn building.

You can feel luxury inside - hallways paved with bricks; ancient carriages hanging under the ceiling; spacious stalls, made of oak, floors covered with special rubber coatings, automatic drinkers on the walls.

Visitors have excellent conditions - stables equipped with modern changing rooms, showers and toilets.

On the second floor it is planned to install horses museum with rest area for guests.

Horse riding organized outside in a spacious square.

Ancient building nearby is planned to be restored for riding hall (manege).

Services provided:

Beginners lessons:

Ride one large circle in the park - 3,00 / person

1 h individual training with instructor in the square - 13,00 / person

1 h tourist ride around the local area with an instructor - 15,00 / person

Monthly training subscriber - 30,00 / 4 times; 53,00 / 8 times (coordinated individually with an instructor)

Photoshoot (1h):

1 horse - 35,00

2 horses - 60,00

photoshoot in stables - 22,00

Birthdays and other celebrations (1.5h):

Introduction to horses and stables, preparation of horse for riding, horse riding (4-10 people) - 30,00

Advanced booking is required: tel. +370 618 89695; +370 690 76448.